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I laughed and it was funny!

However!!! I went to youtube to see the original comedy stand up. Its much much much funnier to see the guys body language. The cartoon was very well done and I loved the effects you added to it like the paper... But next time you should work on having your own audio and story :)

I watched it twice in a row!

You might as well do a flash animation with only fucking bulls and strip all the cows with only two tits. I assume that the 3D glass bull is bisexual lol.


Holy f*cking cow this IS the longest cartoon ever? But its hilarious how you guys made this cartoon, all characters wear masks so you dont see them talk or anything, just move their heads lol. I like how they are medals to see this animation 3 times in a row? :o So did you guys make this to break the record of the longest cartoon ever on newgrounds or something?

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Beautifull, morons should refrain...

from writing negative reviews!

After many years, I have remembered this game and played again. For what it is, in its simplicity and in the scope of your aim- amazing. I have come back to enjoy it again.

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This game is amazing

It really made me think in many levels specially after leaving a relationship not long ago. People can be unhappy to be with someone because they are bothered, but once things go bad and seems to go out of place you want to run back and are afraid of being alone. I felt this and its what I got! I got so shocked!

This game is not about playing, but playing to learn and I loved it. Thank you! Thank you very much!

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I love the graphics, music and sound effects!

But its a tad bit hard.... then again I supose you really have to use the shortcuts.

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Honestly why some of this songs arent worldwide hits? if you guys made a 3.20 to 4 min song it would no doubt be much more posible to actually release this worldwide.


I did like a lot your song, I got a question, how did you do this? with FL? I am really wondering if such program can do such beautifull songs woa. I tried to play around with it but it seemed such a imposible program to use

MaestroSegments responds:

Sorry for the uber delayed response.

I made this with FL, but the sounds you are hearing have little to do with the program itself. I use VST's to get these high quality samples, and use FL's sequencer to click in the notes.

If you would like me to help you get a hang of FL or just help in general, don't hesitate to email me, or pm me. I'm always happy to help.

Thanks for the review.


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