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Welcome to my profile.

Posted by Krotanah - September 11th, 2009

I din't have a clue that you could post in this website... nice touch! Just saying hi to anyone that comes up to my profile (its much better to have one single post than nothing). I am a very creative guy that Is looking foward to get any form of positive recognision on this site. Id like to one day eventually release a very well animated flash here, at least good enough to be released on frontpage (so people can actually see it lol).

I know my flash skills are off the roof (strikingly high), but puting toguether a storyline, storyboard, character, spoken dialoge, noises, sounds, music, sleek animation, backgrounds, moving art all toguether in a very well done animation seems very hard to acomplish with a only 1 person team.

I am do, really interested in releasing soon so I can be recognized in some form. I Have been thinking for very long on how my first animation will be in the latest stages. I have thought very well on how the story goes, how its viewed and how it happens. And it turns out that its going to be not one animation, but two parts that can be considered two intependent animations, because the story breaks downs in two parts very easily, or at least, the beggining of a new series to maybe one day come.

For now I may put up some sketches and art works. I can see that this is a pretty new secction here on Newgrounds! I may put up some of my 3d works and Digital Artworks with time, and with this, well maybe I should put up my ideas that I want to work on for my first very serious animation.

If I am going to write another post soon it will be about how my progress is about diferent things are undergoing, and maybe talk about my self a bit more.

If you are interested in seeing my skills and talents with diferent softwares (including flash) you can check Kroative. Its a website that I have taken a long of dedication to create (and its still on the works) and will showcase most of my works and projects here.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my first post ;)